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Corporate Insurance

A corporate insurance may be defined as a type of insurance which can be used by large organization to cover up various operational risk such as theft, financial losses, employees health benefit and accident cover.

We have provided following corporate insurance services :

  1. Group Health insurance
  2. Group Personal accident Insurance
  3. Employee liability insurance.
  4. Marine cargo Insurance.
  5. Travel Insurance
  6. Vehicle Insurance

Benefits of Corporate Insurance A corporate insurance helps keep the business running in the face of a fiasco. It can protect your company from loss of income caused due to serious disasters.

If you are looking forward to having a business contract with a client, the first thing that your client will notice is whether your business is insured or not. Some clients even specify that they will work with only those companies which have their company properly insured.

Your business looks more credible when it is protected by insurance. Employees perform better when they know that there are provisions for their financial protection if they are unable to carry on their tasks. Thus, you can attract and retain your employees with the help of Group Health Insurance.

Since employees are the real assets of your business, it is them who keep your business running. Hence, it is your duty to ensure their safety. Regular healthcare facilities, checkups and compensation in case of disability or death will make them rely on the company. This way the company too shall be able to retain the best talents.