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Non Life Insurance
Sr. No. Topic
1. What cover is available under Money insurance?
2. What is the minimum sum insured under the Industrial All Risks insurance policy?
3. What is the scope of cover under Boiler Explosion insurance?
4. What is the replacement value under Boiler Explosion insurance policy ?
5. When are the warranties applicable under the Boiler Explosion insurance policy?
6. Who can be issued a Burglary Insurance on first loss basis policy?
7. Can railway authorities, air carriers and sea carriers be covered under the Carrier's Legal Liability policy?
8. Which legal liability of the transport contractor is covered under the Carriers Legal Liability insurance policy?
9. What kind of civil engineering projects can be covered under the Contractor's All Risk insurance policy?
10. How is the sum insured calculated under the Contractor's All Risk insurance policy?
11. How is the premium calculated under the Contractor's All Risk insurance policy if the period of insurance exceeds 12 months?
12. Which legal liabilities of couriers are covered under the Courier's Legal Liability policy?
13. What are the warranties under the deterioration of stock policy?
14. Which factors are considered for arriving at the sum insured under the Erection All Risk insurance policy?
15. Can extra charges like overtime, night work, work on holidays be covered under the Erection All Risk insurance policy?
16. What happens if a policy is not renewed in time?
17. Is it essential to carry vehicular documents when the vehicle is in use?
18. What is the significance of vehicular documents in motor insurance claims?
19. What should you do in case of a road accident?
20. Is there any age limit of vehicles for consideration of acceptance for comprehensive insurance cover?
21. What should be done on receipt of a court notice from a third party claimant?
22. Can motor dealers and traders take motor insurance policy for the vehicles in their showroom?
23. What happens if a vehicle flees after injuring a third party and its identification cannot be traced?
24. What is a Public Service Vehicle?
25. Who is a Third Party?
26. Do I need business insurance?
27. How can organisations be protected by the errors and omissions policy for computer software?
28. Under which circumstances, can the errors and omissions policy for computer software be extended?
29. Who is entitled to the Stockbrokers insurance policy?
30. What is the limit of indemnity under the Stockbrokers insurance policy?
31. What is Liability insurance?
32. Who is entitled to Product Liability insurance?
33. Can motor policies be issued for a longer term than a year?
34. Can motor vehicles be insured against fire and theft risks only?
35. Does a third party claim affect the bonus/ malus rate under the comprehensive motor insurance policy?
36. Are accessories and extra fittings of the vehicle covered under the comprehensive motor insurance policy?
37. What happens if at any point of time there are in existence two policies for insurance of a vehicle?
38. What happens if there is a dispute regarding claim settlement between the insured and the insurer?
39. What can be covered under Neon Sign insurance?
40. What is the extent of liability under an Overseas Mediclaim policy?
41. What is the procedure to be followed to apply for cover under an Overseas Mediclaim policy?
42. Is motor car insurance compulsory in India?
43. What type of policies are available for motor vehicles?
44. What is the difference between these two policies?
45. Whether the insurance premiums are same or different amongst four Indian companies?
46. For what value is the car to be insured - depreciated value or reinstatement value?
47. What are the categories of vehicles that are covered by a Motor Insurance Policy?
48. What are the different types of covers that are granted under Motor Insurance?
49. What briefly is the risk covered under the Own Damage Policy?
50. What are the risks covered under third party policy?
51. What extension of cover can be obtained with regard to private car?
52. How is the premium charged under motor insurance?
53. What are the circumstances under which discounts are offered in premium ?
54. What is the significance of a certificate of Insurance?
55. What is expected of the insured in the event of an accident involving damage to the vehicle and/or injury to third party ?
56. Can Motor Insurance Policies be taken for a shorter term than the normal period of one year?
57. What compensation is provided under the Individual Personal Accident Policy?
58. Which discounts are available under the Group scheme for the Personal Accident Policy?
59. What are the different benefits that can be claimed under the Mediclaim insurance policy in event of hospitalisation?
60. Who is entitled to an Overseas Mediclaim policy?
61. What are the criteria for deciding on the best health cover?
62. Who should the policyholder contact in the event of claim under Overseas Mediclaim Policy ?